How To Hide Cables Using Rebated Skirting Boards

If you are in the process of redecorating your home or are just doing a little light renovation then the chances are you will be looking for a clean, de-cluttered finish. This may be easy to achieve on the face of it, but as soon as you start adding your furniture and technology back in to the room, it can soon start to look cluttered again. 

Luckily, with a little foresight and planning you can help to keep the clutter down to a minimum. There is nothing more unsightly than cables being visible around a room so it will pay to consider how best to hide them before the room has been decorated.

If you are installing new skirting boards or even covering old ones up, then you are in luck. Rebated skirting board is a simple and highly effective way to hide cables that need to span one side of the room to the other. Highly useful for living rooms, offices, kitchens and bedrooms – using rebated skirting board will provide you with a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing result which still allows you to navigate wires around a room.


What Is Rebated Skirting Board? 

Rebated skirting board is quite simply a piece of skirting board that has a small recess cut out of it to a height of 20mm. The depth of your rebate from Metres Direct will be determined by the depth of the skirting board you order:

  • 15mm depth = 9mm rebate
  • 18mm depth = 12mm rebate
  • 25mm depth = 19mm rebate


How To Run Cables Through Rebated Skirting Board 

The rebate will always sit at the bottom of the skirting board so you will need to run the cable through the rebate at the time of installation. This is a very simple process and just requires a little planning on your part. If you have particularly thick cables or have a lot of wires to run then you may need a skirting board with a greater depth to ensure your rebate has enough space to carry all the wires you need.


Can I Use Rebated Skirting Board Over Old Skirting Board?

At Metres Direct all our skirting boards can be ordered to cover old skirting. It makes perfect sense to include a rebate within this type of order. We always add 10mm to the height of the covering and we always allow a skirting depth of 6mm to ensure there is enough strength.

If in doubt then please feel free to contact our friendly sales team via phone or online chat to ensure you order the right size.


How Much Does Skirting Rebate Cost?

We can add a rebate to your skirting board order from as little as £2 per board. This is much more cost effective than other forms of cable trunking and most people would agree that it is much more visually appealing as it is completely unseen.


What Other Forms Of Cable Hiding/Tidying Are There?

There are a few options when it comes to hiding your cables or tidying them. At Metres Direct we are huge advocates of the rebate style as we feel it is the least intrusive to your home or office.

Perhaps the most commonly used form of cable hiding domestically is trunking. Typically, square plastic housing is used to surround cables and often they are placed across the middle of a wall or just on top of the skirting board.  

The general consensus is that whilst the trunking method is quite cost effective, it is not very pleasant to look at. If you are using colour on your walls then it can be even more unsightly.

Cable clips are another method used when trying to conceal wires although this is often worse than trunking as the cables are still visible. Whilst cable clips will keep the wires from tangling, they will not remove them from sight. Wires can attract a lot of dust and will accumulate dirt over the years.


Our Top Rebate Tips

If you are considering hiding your wires using a skirting board rebate (and we think you should) then always follow these handy tips: 

  • Plan in advance exactly which wires need to go where and double check the combined thickness
  • Speak to your supplier if you are unsure about the measurements of the rebate
  • Ensure you have at least a 10mm recess when covering existing skirting board and hiding wires in a rebate 

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