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Pine Skirting Boards Available

Our pine skirting boards are available to buy in a range of sizes and styles. The natural aesthetic of pine skirting boards make them extremely decorative and eye catching. As these skirting boards are made from pine, a natural softwood, we would recommend opting for primed rather than unprimed pine to offer greater protection to the timber.

All our pine skirting boards are made from 5th grade Redwood pine and feature a natural grain. For heavy traffic areas or areas with high moisture content such as kitchens and bathrooms these pine skirting boards might not be recommended but for decorative purposes they are ideal. If you do wish to install them in high moisture containing rooms then we suggest using a high quality lacquer, varnish or paint to offer the ultimate protection.

Pine is a great alternative to oak and can be stained to offer a darker appearance if you so wish. Pine is widely available and as such it is a cheaper material than hardwood materials such as oak.  

With over 60 styles of pine skirting boards to choose from we are sure we will have something that suits you. If not, we also offer a bespoke service so why not give us a call to discuss your needs.

Please note that we are currently adding our pine skirting boards to our online store... if you wish to place an order then please call us on 0800 181 4122

Pine Skirting Boards

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