How do I measure up what I need?

  • It can all get a bit confusing when it comes to measuring up what size skirting board you need. All of our products have three dimensions to follow; Height, Depth and Length.

- The height of the skirting is how high you want the skirting climbing up your wall.

- The depth of the skirting is how thick the board is going to be coming away from your wall.

- The length of the skirting is the how long the board is going to be going along your wall.

 How quickly can I receive my order?

  • Our standard delivery is within 2 working days. You can also select a delivery date that suits you best. 

What is good about primed MDF?

  • Primed MDF skirting board is increasingly becoming the ‘first choice’ option for many refurbishment and new build projects. It’s easy to cut & install – having no shrinkage to account for plus it doesn’t warp or twist making it both an economical product for internal mouldings. 

What is the Metres Direct guarantee?

  • Our guarantee is that, each board we sell is manufactured using superior grade moisture resistant MDF. The product will have no defects, knots or warps! GUARANTEED. 

Do you have a money back guarantee?

  • Yes! We urge any consumer to question purchasing from a company that doesn't have a guarantee in place. As a company we offer 7 days from date order.