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Fitting new skirting board is usually relatively easy and is something that any competent DIY-er is capable of undertaking themselves.

One thing that is perhaps more difficult than fixing new skirting boards is removing the old, especially if you are working on an older property and are worried about damaging the walls behind the skirting. Luckily, there are now a range of skirting board covers and skirting over skirting options which mean you can hide existing skirting boards under the new ones.

Just like our pipe and cable rebate service, we can create a rebate to hide your existing skirting board and the process is relatively pain free when you order from us here at Metres Direct. 

Why Use Skirting Over Skirting? 

In addition to protecting the existing walls and floors, adding skirting over skirting can also save you time and in some cases money. You won’t need specialist tools to remove existing boards and the time saved removing boards is always a bonus.

If you do decide to remove your existing boards and the wall is damaged then you will most likely need to spend more time and money repairing the wall prior to adding your new skirting.

Finally, you may want to take the opportunity to hide unwanted cables or pipes. By adding a little extra rebate space to the new board you should be able to hide unsightly cables easily.

Why Order Skirting Board Covers From Metres Direct?  

Any rebate you order at Metres Direct is added before we ship your order and is carried out in our warehouse. This means that we can add a rebate for your skirting board cover on almost any of our products.

Other companies that offer skirting over skirting may have a much more limited range of products that they can offer but with Metres Direct you do not have to be restricted in this way. 

We also offer a friendly pre and post sales support service so if you are unsure at any stage of the buying process you can simply call us or use our online chat system to check you have the measurements correct. 

This peace of mind really allows you to make a worry free purchase.

Measuring Skirting Board Covers 

Measuring the size of your existing skirting board to allow you to calculate the size of the skirting board cover to buy is a relatively easy process. You simply need to measure the height of the existing skirting board and the depth.

When you order from us we have a handy option that you can select to tell us you are using the skirting to cover existing skirting board. When you tell us this we will automatically add 10mm to the height of what you are covering and we will always leave at least 6mm of depth to ensure the board has plenty of strength.

If you are unsure at any point then you can simply contact us via the most convenient method and we will help you make the perfect measurement. 

How To Fit Skirting Board Covers

Fitting skirting board covers is very easy once you have the rebate cut in to the board (which will have been added by us prior to shipping).  

The following is a simple step by step process you can follow to fit your skirting board covers quickly and easily: 

  1. Clean Existing Skirting

This may not be the most exciting part of the project and it isn’t something that you need to get to exacting standards but cleaning the existing skirting board is still a worthwhile task.

Your new skirting board is going to sit over the existing piece so clean it with a warm damp cloth to remove any dirt, grime and grease that may be clinging to it. Allow the board to fully dry before adding the new board. 

  1. Measure and Mark

You will need to measure and mark the end of the board where it joins another interior corner. To do this, you simply need to measure the height and the depth of the existing board so your new board can slot over it and sit flush with the adjacent wall.

Using a ruler or set square will help you to get a perfect cut.

  1. Cutting

As the cut is likely to be a matter of centimetres it is best to use a handsaw to make the required cut. Cut out the height and depth as marked and you will be left with a piece of skirting that can slot over the skirting on both the wall you are covering and the corner of the adjacent wall.

  1. Securing

You will now need to secure the board that has been cut to the existing skirting board. The best way to do this is to pin it to the board underneath. 

Top Tips:

  • When cutting boards to the required lengths place an off cut in the rebated board to ensure it has enough strength to help achieve a straight cut.

  • Consider hiding wires and cables (such as telephone and speaker cables) when adding skirting over existing skirting.

skirting over skirting