Skirting Board Finishes

There are plenty of skirting board finishes to choose from and whether you are opting for MDF or Oak skirting and architrave, you will have choices over how best to seal and finish your new interior mouldings.

This guide aims to assist you in making the right choices when ordering your skirting boards and will help you to establish how to achieve your desired look and finish to your skirting boards. 

At Metres Direct we offer skirting that is non-treated as well as fully finished options – so be sure to read our handy guide before you order.


Skirting Board Finish Options

When it comes to MDF skirting you will essentially have three options in terms of the finish when you order from Metres Direct. You can choose from unprimed skirting board if you want to apply the primer and finish yourself, or you can choose between primed skirting or fully finished skirting – which essentially means it has been primed and painted prior to shipping.

Our flexibility when ordering gives you much more freedom than if you were to purchase through a national retailer who typically only provide skirting boards that are primed.


Unprimed Skirting Board

When you choose an unprimed MDF skirting board this means that the skirting will arrive without any kind of primer or paint applied. This means you will receive the product in its raw state which will be a light brown or sometimes green colour.

Any unprimed MDF skirting will need to be primed prior to painting as MDF is not suitable to be painted directly on to. MDF stands for medium density fibreboard and is engineered from wood fibres – painting directly on to this type of material will result in a grainy and un-smooth texture so be sure to apply a primer before painting if you order unprimed skirting board. 

Oak skirting can also be delivered unprimed. As oak is a hard wood it could technically be installed without any kind of finish but this would leave it without any protection so we would always advise some form of lacquer, varnish or oil based finished. Read our ‘how to seal oak skirting boards’ section towards the bottom of the page for more on this.


Primed Skirting Board

Priming an MDF skirting board is a bit of a thankless task but is one that is necessary. This is why almost all of our customers order their skirting board pre-primed. This means we take care of the priming for you.

All MDF skirting boards require at least one coat of primer and two are recommended. At Metres Direct, when you select the white primed option we will apply two coats of white primer for you. This means the skirting board will be ready to paint when you receive it. 

All our MDF primed skirting boards are hand sprayed which provides a much better finish than if you were hand painting them using a paint brush. When you order primed skirting from Metres Direct you can be sure of receiving a smooth, perfectly sanded delivery that is ready for that final coat.

The biggest advantage of ordering pre-primed skirting board is time-saving – after all, who wants to spend needless hours applying a primer to skirting board? It is for this very reason that most large DIY chains only sell MDF skirting that has been primed.


Fully Finished Skirting Board

If you are looking to save time and want a superior finish then choosing a fully finished skirting board is an excellent option. All our products are available fully finished in a white satin paint. When you choose this fully finished option you will receive skirting that has been twice primed and then finished in a rich satin finish that has a velvety glossy texture.

This service sets us apart from major DIY retailers who often leave you to do the hard work. But that’s not all… at Metres Direct we also offer a fourth type of finish – a fully primed and painted service in any colour

You can just provide us with the RAL code and we will do the rest. So if you are looking for skirting board in any colour – you know where to go! 

In addition to the time saving element of choosing fully finished skirting boards, there is also the obvious cost saving and mess saving. By choosing a fully finished service you are not going to have to spend out on the primer and paint yourself and you are not going to have to pay a painter and decorator to apply it. You are also not going to be left with the mess that usually follows a DIY task such as this.

For tradesmen, home renovators and busy domestic households, this fully primed and painted option is a really sensible choice.


Best Paint For Skirting Boards

If you have decided to paint the skirting boards yourself then you may be asking what is the best paint for skirting boards? Whether you have chosen oak or MDF skirting, there will be various types of paints available as options to you and it will really depend on the style you want to achieve as to which one is right for you. 

The classic look is high gloss, but these days a satin finish with a low sheen is more en vogue.  

As we have already stated, start with a wood primer and once dry you will be ready to sand and apply your finishing paint – high gloss or satin styles are your best option and you should expect to apply perhaps two coats for a perfect finish.


How To Seal Oak Skirting Boards

For oak skirting boards you will need to use a primer if you are planning on painting them in much the same was as MDF. However, if you want the natural wood look then you will need to opt for a varnish, oil or lacquer.  

At Metres Direct we offer a primer and paint service as well as a lacquer service for all oak skirting board and architrave and you can select your preferred option when you place your order.

Lacquer is excellent at protecting against scuffs, knocks, moisture and dirt whereas oils will provide a similar protection against moisture and dirt but will not fare so well against major knocks. Luckily, oak is a very solid wood so this is not usually a major problem.

Our Lacquer will darken the wood slightly so be prepared for this. If you prefer a more natural colour then you may be better off ordering your oak skirting unprimed and applying a clear wood oil such as Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain. 

If you are unsure about the type of skirting board finishes that are right for you then feel free to get in contact with our friendly sales team via phone, email or live chat.

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