Rebate Service.

Our rebate service is perfect for anyone who is trying to hide pipes, cables or dosen't want the hassle of replacing old skirting board.

How to work out your Pipe and Cable Rebate?

We've done the hard work for you here, simply follow our chart! Make sure your measurements fit into our standard rebate sizes. If you need a bespoke rebate just get in touch and we'll sort it.

Skirting Depth   15mm 18mm 25mm
Cable Rebate Size 9mm x 20mm 12mm x 20mm 19mm x 20mm
Pipe Rebate Size 9mm x 40mm 9mm x 40mm 9mm x 40mm


How to work out your Skirting Over Skirting Rebate?

Working out what rebate you need is easy, simply measure the height and depth of what you're covering. Once you have those two measurements you can work out which board height and depth you need.

As a rule; We always add 10mm to the height of what you're covering and we always leave a board depth of 6mm for strength. 

For example; You're trying to cover a board which measures 70mm (H) x 10mm (D).

Add 10mm to the height and minus the depth from our boards to make sure it leaves 6mm. We can supply 15mm, 18mm, 25mm and 30mm board depths. So for our example we could use 18mm board depth (18mm - 10mm pipe depth) as it leaves us enough strength in the board.