We supply skirting boards to construction professionals as well as direct to the public. Among the reasons why our customers often come back to us are our competitive prices, high quality products and exceptional customer service - so when Mark Bettridge of Saltbox Design and Build got in touch to show us the results of using some of our products on his most recent projects we were over the moon - and of course, wanted to share the results with you to help you visualise the impact that new skirting and architrave can have within a home.

Saltbox Design and Build create authentic Saltbox style homes - also commonly known as American New England style homes and their latest brief required a full new build of an authentic American New England/Nantucket style home with lots of internal & external woodwork, craftsmanship, mouldings and architraves. 

This project required high end materials and all of the external wood was sourced hi grade Accoya OR Tricoya timber with all internal woodwork requiring bespoke designs to enable them to create the perfect window and door frames. Mark commented that "the key was to make each window and door look as if the architrave & frame is one piece of timber and with the help of Metres Direct we have certainly achieved this."

The design featured an internal kitchen coffered ceiling built from timber – Mark stated "This was certainly a labour of love, not something you see in the UK and so we wanted to create a real “wow” factor and ensure the house kept the authentic feel." The majority of timber was supplied by Metres Direct for this aspect of the project.

saltbox design kitchen

The skirting boards and blocks were chosen to compliment the overall woodwork and design of the house, each floor reducing the height slightly as the ceiling height reduced giving the correct feel and balance on all 3 floors. We are sure you will agree that the finish achieved by Saltbox Design and Build is phenomenal and we are extremely proud that this has been achieved using our full bespoke service.

Metres Direct have now supplied bespoke materials for three projects to Saltbox Design and Build and we look forward to working with them again in the future and seeing more of their stunning designs brought to life with a little help from us.